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All of the objects here were scanned with Einscan-Pro. Click here to visit the collection.

A Young Girl; La Boudeuse

A portrait of a young girl in marble by the French Sculptor Jacques Saly is mentioned (by French Sculptor/Historian Stanislas Lami) as being exhibited at the Salon in Paris in 1750. 

Claude-Joseph Vernet

This bust is the masterpiece in portraiture by the sculptor, Louis-Simon Boizot (1743-1809). It represents Claude-Joseph Vernet (1714-1789), a celebrated landscape and marine painter and 'Peintre du Roi' (painter to the King).

Head of a Barbarian Leader

Head of a young barbaric leader. Found inside the Theatre of Dionysus. ca. 2nd c. AD.

Head of a Bearded Old Man

This is very likely the sculpture which was exhibited by Pajou in the Salon of 1761 as 'Tête de Vieillard', head of an old man. 

Head of Demetrios Poliorketes

Bust made of marble of a young man with regular features, depicted with a taenia and small bull-like horns sticking out from his thick short curly hair which indicate a divine origin. 

Michel-Jean Sedaine

Michel-Jean Sedaine (1719-1797), poet and dramatist, was a personal friend of Pajou, who also executed a bust of Madame Sedaine (now in the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston).

Unknown man

This man represented by this terracotta bust has not yet been identified although it is a signed and dated (June 1786) work. The sculptor, Pierre Merard, was a pupil of Edmé Bouchardon (1698-1762) and exhibited at the Salons in Paris in the 1790s.

The Juno Ludovisi

The Juno Ludovisi is a colossal Roman marble head of the 1st century CE from an acrolithic statue of an idealized and youthful Antonia Minor as the goddess Juno. 


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Traditional sightseeing etiquette dictates that we only take pictures and leave only footprints of the places we've visited, but a non-profit initiative is trying to help take the sights with us by turning them into 3D prints.Scan the World intends to give more people the opportunity to experience 3D printed representations of cultural artifacts, so that we can access content we might not otherwise experience.

As a complement to “traditional” conservation, the value to culture of being able to create, store and protect accurate records of objects is clear. Copies are now not only educational tools but also prime transmitters of precious knowledge. However, several fundamental questions emerge. What should we copy and how? What distinguishes a bad copy from one with lasting value?



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